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It all started with Annie Tyrell

Annie’s Beauty Supply is owned by Annie Tyrell and was incorporated on October 8, 2012. In 2006 Annie became Center Director at Willa Carson Health and Wellness Center, soon thereafter she was promoted to Executive Director of the Center. In 2008, Annie Tyrell was nominated by the St. Petersburg Business Journal’s Tampa Health Care Heroes Award for Community Outreach Service. In 2011, she was nominated again for community service for the Stephanie Hamilton Community Spirit Award. Since 2011, Annie Tyrell has studied with Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey to assist with identifying her life goal of becoming a beauty supply store owner. Annie Tyrell became a Capstone Elite Member of Beauty Supply Institute on August 7, 2012. As a Capstone Elite Member; Ms. Tyrell has successfully taken and passed various online courses. Annie is proud of her accomplishments and is having fun watching her dreams come true right before her eyes. Her aim of making history will become a reality because of her strong ambition and it will start with Annie’s Beauty Supply.



We love being apart of our community! Every month, we hold events that are intended to educate, empower and bring our community together. Our events include, Natural Hair Meetups, Saturday Pop-Up Shops and so much more. In addition to our community events, we intend to make our community stronger by supporting local brands and businesses. 


Black Products Owned By Us!

We care about black businesses and show it by highlighting black owned and produced brands on our website .See some amazing examples below.

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owner of Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid began her Natural Hair care start up business at the age of 14. She has always been at the core of the natural hair movement and has inspired many others to follow in her footsteps. Taliah Waajid was the first to offer a complete line of natural, chemical-free hair care products. The products were formulated for consumers that chose not to use chemicals on their hair. The Taliah Waajid Brand now offers 4 collections of healthy hair product lines that range from Natural Hair Care, Curly Hair Care, Protective Styling and Children’s Hair Care. In 2018, she launched her men’s line, Uncle Jimmy Products, which is named after her favorite uncle. The line consists of natural products for total grooming for all men. The Uncle Jimmy Brand includes products for hair, beard and body care. Taliah Waajid is also the founder and presenter of the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event which is now in its 23rd year. The event brings in over 30 thousand attendees over the two-day weekend. It is the first, the largest and the best event that celebrates natural beauty and healthy living. The show weekend also offers music, entertainment, over 300 vendors, over 35 consumer hair, business, DIY, fitness and health workshops and more. Taliah is dedicated, hardworking and passionate about being a positive inspiration to the next generation. Her business is mostly family operated. Her family members and her staff both play a huge part in the success of her business. She knows that it takes a team. No one is successful on their own. In 2019 Taliah invested in a local female start up business and has grown that business over 200%. Taliah is passionate about family and community. She believes that given the right opportunity and tools, anyone that really wants to succeed, will succeed. Taliah is a strong believer in open communication about mental health issues in our community. She is excited about working with Grady Hospital on their new Mental Health Pavillion..